Sunday, February 19, 2012


I spent some time today cleaning off my craft desk (it was pretty messy) and I still had all of my supplies from the 4 of a Kind kits I put together this month.  So rather than just put everything away I decided to make a few more cards.  I always pin the cards that the other 3 from our group makes so I used their cards for inspiration today...did not have to do much thinking at all. 

The first card I made is for my daughter, Ashleigh...she turns 20 this coming Friday.  I case'd Cathy from Empty Nest Crafter for her card, but mine is just a bit smaller but the same design.  I really love having the numbers for their age on the side of the card, such a smart way to do it.

The other three cards are just birthday cards to add to my stash, you can never have too many birthday cards.  Thank you Cathy, Joyce and Renee for all of your wonderful inspiration!  Thank you for taking a peek!


  1. I LOVE leftovers. They always save time and energy in the kitchen, and it looks like they can do the same thing in the craft room. These are all wonderful cards, and you are so smart to make more cards out of your extras instead of cleaning up. Who wants to clean up, when you can get creative instead?

  2. You made so many cards with the 4 of a Kind supplies, that makes me smile to see you cased one of my cards! I can not wait to give the cards I made, this was such a fun month.

  3. OMG!!!
    These are fabulous!!
    And look how many cards you got from one kit...
    I TOLD you this kit totally rocked!! :)
    And I agree with Joyce...
    get creative instead of cleaning up! ;)