Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 2012 Four of a Kind Challenge

Welcome back to this month's Four of a Kind Challenge...This month's host is Cathy Weber and what a fabulous kit, so many bright and vivid colors along with so many fun embellishments.  Each month one of  us (there are 4 of us, hence the name) puts the kits together, mails them out and then the magic happens, we all make incredible cards.  It is so much fun to see how different and/or similar each others are and then get ideas to use up the left over supplies. I really look forward to getting my kit each month, almost like a mini celebration when I open up the package and the surprise to see what is inside.  Here is a photo of the wonderful kit that Cathy put together for each of us....

Photo Courtesy of Renee Lynch

I completed 4 cards from Cathy's kit and still have some left overs for a few more cards and look forward to seeing what the rest of the ladies create and then CASE. Cathy, thank you again for the fabulous kits!

Be sure to check to out every one's blog and be sure to leave some comments too.


  1. that kit looks awesome!! just love your work!!

  2. Love them all!!
    I have to be honest...
    I was hoarding the fence...
    but ssshhh...don't tell anyone!
    And all these bright, vivid colors...
    I LOVE them...
    just not used to working with them!
    This was a fun, fabulous kit...
    and I have oodles left over to play with too! :)
    But love that last one...
    the bold but soft together...
    just love it!!
    And the first one with the paper piecing...
    love how you mixed the colors and patterns! :)

  3. What fantastic cards Kim! I love the vibrant and fun colours, that picket fence on the third card. What a cool kit Cathy made.

  4. Oh, you did such a great job. All your cards are so wonderful. It is fun to see how we take such a different approach with the same ingredients. Even your 'three tree card' is different from my 'three tree card'. I love how you have done such a great job incorporating all those bold, fun patterned papers into your cards.

  5. Oh wow, these are great. I chose the patterned papers because the colors are so bright and your cards really made those papers shine! I love the first card that has all the great strips on it, the patterned paper rolling hills on the second, how you used the fence and the grass on the third and you used those little flowers on the last one! I loved punching those little flowers and am so glad you used them. Such a great job with all the kit ingredients, you gave me lots of ideas this morning Kim!

  6. All of the cards you made are beautiful Kim, nothing new :) I love the rolling hills with the tree card , almost like Joyce’s card. The fence one is adorable as well. Love the colors in the last one. Great kit Cathy sent out, you girls alway send out such fun kits.

  7. I would be a little intimidated by the bright patterned papers, but you all made them look so good! I especially love your rolling hills on the second card and the picket fence scene. Super cute!

  8. Kim, you did awesome with all these great supplies! My two favorites are the two in the middle. I love the 3 trees, and then the fence was the perfect addition in the next one :)

  9. What a neat challenge. I love your creations Kim. So happy you joined TAWS and Ribbon Carousel blog hop today.

  10. FABULOUS cards Kim!! I LOVE your kit this month!! Such GREAT FUN colors!!!
    Have a WONDERFUL day!!

  11. What a awesome kit you all got this month! I just love the colors and all the great patterned papers. You did a fabulous job with each of your cards! I love seeing the hills done in bright patterns and the happy colors in the card with the fence!

  12. beautiful cards, Kim!! love the last tree best!

  13. Kim-
    Your cards are gorgeous! What a fun challenge!