Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Craft Room

I have to say I really LOVE my crafting space! It is my favorite room in the house and always makes me smile when I walk in...I am very blessed to have a room all to myself for my crafts, but occasionally make space for my husband while he is working on the crossword puzzles.

I am a major Disney/Mickey Mouse and I Love Lucy fan and as soon as you walk in you can figure that out. Most of the room, say 90% is Disney and rest is my Lucy corner. My husband was sweet enough to help me paint or should I say set up the laser level for the Mickey stripes (they had to be as perfect as I could get). My mom helped me decorate the walls, knowing just where to place everything. I do add new things and put old ones away at times. I have so much Disney/Mickey Mouse stuff, I just don't have enough room to display all of it and my craft supplies.

I Love Lucy the Barbie dolls!

My desk is from Ikea, it's large enough for me to really spread out and since I'm the only using the room, I can just leave what ever I am working on out.

The white folding table is my cutting table.  I do a fair amount of sewing and both sides fold up and give me a very large space.  It also doubles as a space of extra supplies while working on projects.

Before I started making cards and found PTI, I scrapbooked and one of the book cases is filled wtih albums of our family from when I got married to Ashleigh graduating high school.  Seems like the older they get the less pictures are taken (I think that is because they are doing more with their friends rather than family). The second book case is filled with stamps, paper, Cricut, paper trimmers and all kinds of supplies for being creative.

Last photo...this is the door to my favorite spot in the house.  I made the Christmas wreath from McDonalds Happy Meal toys when Disneyland was celebrating it's 50th Anniversary.  Behind the door are all of my edge punches, love that they are all in one spot.

Thanks for taking a peek into where play whenever I get the extra time!


  1. Oh, Kim I love it!
    Those Lucy dolls...
    who can refuse Lucy?
    She's classic...
    and there will never be another like her.
    I adore the Mickey walls...
    it's such a fun room...
    I can see why you love being in it! :)

  2. Wow! What an amazing space. The overall feeling is 'happy'. You have so much cool stuff In there--no wonder you love to be there. It's like the happiest place on earth. Now I can have a picture in my mind when we are exchanging messages.

  3. What a great space! Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great space! Thanks for sharing.