Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dr. Who.......

No cards today but I wanted to share what I did instead. My daughter loves the British TV show Dr. Who (I have no clue what the show is about other than it seems a bit strange to me), and can't wait for the new season to start. So when I saw this cross stitch pattern I thought this would be the perfect gift for her. I have not been able to find too much in the way of Dr. Who. I have to say this one took a bit longer than I thought it would, the Tardis took what seemed like forever to finish (the Tardis is the blue thing that looks like a phone booth).   A while back I ran across these cross stitch patterns on Etsy called Pixel People by Wee Little Stitches,  They have so many fun patterns to choose from, just purchase, download, print and stitch. This is the second one I have made, the first was Big Bang Theory and now that Dr. Who is finished I started working on one for my mom, The Golden Girls.  I am not too worried that Ashleigh will see what I have done, she never checks my blog and I really wanted to show everyone what I have been working on, thanks for taking a peek!


  1. This turned out great . . . I've got the Big Bang Theory one here on my desk . . . love it, love it, love it. Thanks again for the great gift and I know Ashleigh will love this one.

  2. It's fabulous!!
    I miss cross stitching...
    used to do it every night...
    but haven't had time in years!
    Maybe I should try and pick it back up...
    she will love this!
    It's so awesome...
    and shows just how much you love her to put this much time into a gift! :)

  3. Wow--this is such an incredible gift. I know Ashleigh will love it, and she will keep it forever. I've never heard of this show either, but then, I've never heard of most popular things! It looks like a lot of work, time, and love was poured into this gift, and I'm so glad I got to take a peek at it.

  4. An absolutely perfect gift for your daughter. I grew up with Dr. Who on TV, my brother's loved it. I assume they are creating shows again, because Dr. Who TV show was from the 70's. A strange show and I never got it either. This however, is such a special and thoughtful gift. Love it.

  5. Thanks for sharing! You did a wonderful job. I used to do cross stitching but it has somehow taken a back burner to stamping and basketweaving. I can see you put a lot of time and love into her gift and I know your daughter will love it!

  6. OMG I love this one - I have been looking at it... love the fabric that you are doing this on. Do you know what it is?

  7. Oh my gosh is right! I love this and I bet your daughter did too! I love to cross stitch. I will have to check it out.

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