Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Birhtday Jeanne Blog Hop!

Happy Birthday Jeanne...wishing you a wonderful day today!

Unfortunately I did not a get card made to help celebrate...I have a bug that has kicked my butt for going on 3 weeks and when Cathy Weber asked if I would like a play along I was sure I would have kicked this thing.  I still wanted to play along and wish Jeanne a happy birthday.  Jeanne has to be one of the most talent paper craft ladies on the planet! You can always spot one of her cards by her incredible use of ribbon, she really has a gift! Be sure to head over to Jeanne's blog, A Kept Life and take a peek at all of the wonderfulness she posts!
Be sure to head over and check out all of the beautiful cards that have been made to celebrate Jeanne's special day.

Kim (me)


  1. Glad you are not too sick to party. Get well soon!

  2. So sorry you are still sick...feel better soon!

  3. Sorry Kim, that is a very long time. Hope your ok . I was going to ask Joyce where you have been . Get more rest and hope you went to the DR.

  4. Hey you! No worries!! Get Better! I appreciate you're thinking of me and our friendship - that is the best gift of all! Oooh and that cake looks YUMMY!!!

  5. Oh Kim, I'm so sorry you're under the weather! Feel better soon!

  6. I'm writing you soon...
    have been worried!
    And I thought I had it bad because I died the other night after spending the day at the zoo with 150+ 6-7 yr olds...
    I think it killed me.
    I'm just now coming back to life!
    Feel better and I'll talk to you soon!